Starting and managing a new, successful business can be challenging in a market that never stops changing and improving. If you can’t change and improve with it then you get left behind, until you just don’t exist anymore!!

That’s where ECO-GREEN comes into play. We have not only spent many years learning all the trials and tribulations of the mobile cleaning world but, we have also designed blueprints along the way that will be able to guide you through the plans to start your very own business and how to keep it changing with the times so you are always ahead of the curve.

With our ECO GREEN Consulting Course, we show you things such as………


How to successfully set up the corporation and make sure you are protected in every way

What processes are needed to design a turn key operation for yourself

Budgeting your start up costs and your projected operating costs

Proper interior/exterior cleaning techniques

Which equipment will get you through the jobs without the risk of failing you in the middle

A complete game plan on how to minimize your overhead and maximize your profit

Daily business operations and organizing your company, both in the field and back at the office

Company name branding and marketing techniques (The do’s & don’ts)

The ever growing need and productivity of Social Media Marketing

And so much more……


When you complete our course, you will have a turn key business to proudly call your own and a game plan to succeed in your future! To get information on scheduling a ECO-GREEN Consulting Course, contact us HERE