Paver Sealing


03_Driveway_Pavers_red_stoneAt Eco Green we understand that living in Florida is great for it’s beautiful weather. However, as many already know,  pavers that are not sealed will fade due to the weather and it will also stain from normal foot and car traffic. Sealing is important if you want to make sure your pavers  stay looking as new as day 1. Protecting your investment and keeping your property looking new is important to every owner, that’s why Paver Sealing makes sense.

Some benefits of sealing are:

– Enhance the color

– Protect from weather

– Reduces the risk of staining

paver-sealing1 – Allows for easier maintenance


Eco Green uses a simple 3 step process to seal new and existing pavers.



 Step #1 – Clean the Pavers

At Eco Green, we use our unique Bio-Gel combined with a high pressure washing system which incorporates up to 4500 PSI and hot water up to 220 degrees to deep clean the pavers.


Step #2 – Sand Expansion Joints

After cleaning process is complete, sand is dry swept and wet sanded into the expansion joints to stabilize the pavers to avoid shifting during heavy weather conditions and standard wear and tear.


Step #3 – Sealing

Eco Green uses a dual coat sealing process. We clean & prep any screen enclosures, as well as drain covers to protect from overspray during the sealing process. We do offer a 3rd coating of sealer for a small additional fee to prolong the level of protection in high traffic areas such as driveways, parking areas, etc.


If you would like to get a free paver sealing estimate from Eco green, please complete the form below and a representative from our company will contact you to discuss your needs.