Roof Cleaning

At ECO-GREEN, we treat your property as if it were our own. Our goal is to improve your property, not damage it. In order to succeed at this, we begin our customized services:

We start by walking you around the property to discuss your exact needs and concerns and explaining how we custom fit all of your plants with our 8ft. tubes of plastic PVC around the perimeter of your home. This ensures that we are protecting all of your beautiful and expensive  landscape during our unique cleaning process. Then, buy using misting air pressure, we pump our chemistry up to the roof by applying a gentle, thin coat of our legendary BIO-GEL which sanitizes all mold, mildew, algae, tree sap and any other organic matter.

One of the many secrets that make our BIO-GEL so effective is that our ECO-friendly chemists mix in long term roof cleaning antibiotics, consisting of liquefied copper, which acts as a long term preventative measure against all organic growths.

Once we have completed those steps we then remove all plastic and plant protection to make sure your home is left in the exact condition that we found it……..EXCEPT MUCH CLEANER AND LOOKING NEW!